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Child Care


The child care center is a 1,000 sq. ft. area with "things to do" for children of all ages form infants to adolescents. Amenities include television with satellite channels, VCR and a library of children's movies, two computers with educational programs and games, rocking chair, playhouse, activity table, infant swing, play pen, chalk board, and a wide variety of specific age appropriate toys.

The door closest to the rocking chair is a double insulated "quiet room" with a baby bed and monitor for sleepy children. The other doors on the same wall open to the Boy's and Girl's Restrooms with miniature toilets and low sinks for little people. The exterior door is safeguarded by a half walled foyer with a safety locked door. The kitchen has safety locks on doors and the 400 sq.ft. area between the kitchen and foyer has Reebock Rebound Flooring which consists of 4" foam rubber to cushion a child's fall while hard at play.

To take a 360 degree view of the room, place the mouse on the picture until you see 4 arrows, left click and hold button down. Drag the mouse left, right, up or down to view virtually any part of the room. To zoom, right click on the photo and select "zoom in" or "zoom out" in the menu. Repeat this step until desired depth of field is acquired. To fully zoom out, right click and select "go home."

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