This is a 46' x 20' indoor therapeutic pool with stainless steel handrails along the inside perimeter, depths ranging from 3.6" to 6.6", bench along the shallow end for seated exercises, six strategically placed high pressure Jacuzzi jets for lower back, hand held Jacuzzi wand for whirlpool massage to specific areas, stairs with 7" high steps and dual handrails to accommodate orthopedic patients entering and leaving the pool, corkscrew hydraulic lift to safely transition wheelchair and non-ambulatory patients in and out of pool, multiple recessed steel clips on bottom of pool used to attach varying strengths of thera-tubing for resistive exercises, two under water treadmills with seats and pedals for walking, jogging, and cycling (only one pictured at time of photo). The water ph, alkalinity and bromium levels are monitored hourly and the temperature is maintained at 92-94 degrees for increased comfort and muscle relaxation.

The exercise programs and manual treatments will involve a variety of equipment (pictured in rack along the wall) such as aquatic dumbbells, hand paddles, flippers or fins, lumbar floatation belts, ankle weights, wrist weights, noodles and cervical floatation collars.

Along one wall you will see 4 doors, the two outer doors are A/C utility closets, but the middle doors lead to the Men's and Women's Locker Rooms equipped with showers, dressing and changing rooms and restrooms. The locker room is conveniently located between the gym and the pool to make the transition between wet and dry areas much easier.

The pool pictured is located at Corpus Christi facility. We also have other pools located at the Alice, Calallen-5 Points, and Aransas Pass, Texas facilities which are designed and equipped very much the same.

To take a 360 degree view of the room, place the mouse on the picture until you see 4 arrows, left click and hold button down. Drag the mouse left, right, up or down to view virtually any part of the room. To zoom, right click on the photo and select "zoom in" or "zoom out" in the menu. Repeat this step until desired depth of field is acquired. To fully zoom out, right click and select "go home."