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Doctor's Prescription

Prescription Information
Texas recently passed a "Direct Access" Law, which means that you can receive your first 10 visits without a Doctors prescription.  Simply call to schedule your appointment.

To receive physical therapy in excess of 10 treatments, a signed prescription is required from your doctor. Physical therapy treatments are prescribed for many reasons from treating sprains & strains to pre and post operative conditions. Usually your doctor will prescribe treatment to a specific area depending on your diagnoses and allow the physical therapist to design a personalized treatment plan for you and your condition with an “Eval and Treat” order. Occasionally your Dr. may want you to only receive specific modalities, procedures and techniques, and in that case, you will receive a “Treat only as specified” order. Either way, your Dr. “knows best” as to the type of treatment you should receive for your condition and history. Our physical therapists will keep your physician informed throughout the entire rehabilitation process by providing detailed evaluation and progress documentation in a timely manner. Your Doctor will receive the Physical Therapist’s notes with the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (S.O.A.P. note) before your next scheduled Dr. follow up visit, so that your Doctor will have the best, up to date information available to make timely, informed decisions concerning your care.

Most physicians in the Corpus Christi and surrounding areas have a supply of Humpal P.T. prescription pads, but you may want to print a script from one of the formats below, before visiting your Doctor, just to be sure that you receive a referral to Humpal Physical Therapy, or you can always just request a generic script, because any script for physical therapy will be sufficient.

Download Prescription form 

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