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"As a breast cancer survivor, who almost died from her chemotherapy treatments and having radiation for 6 weeks at MD Anderson, being treated by some of the best doctors, nurses and technicians in the world – I found your employees to be just as caring and loving toward their patients. I always felt welcomed to therapy and looked forward to seeing everyone on my visits."
Bonnie Sue Zanner

"The therapists treat the patients A+. The staff would give help when and where it is needed. I thought all the staff and the facilities were just great. There is always room for improvement, but I didn’t see any."
Cathy Kinney

"The receptionist was friendly and polite. The therapist had a good attitude and was easy to understand. I have never been in a more pleasant and clean surrounding. Everyone had a smile and showed they were really into their job. I rate Humpal Excellent."
Marjorie Williams

"Good People, nice place. Excellent."
Robert Rodriguez

"I couldn’t be any more happy with this great facility. Everyone from the front to the back was great. Thank all of you so much."
Anthony M. Martinez

"I have been to many other physical therapy facilities and Humpal is by far above average. My therapist was kind, but tough and had super strong hands. The technicians were neat, informed about the job to be done and was able to carry it out. The building and grounds were spotless. Due to the excellent job of all of you do, it is almost certain each patient will recover to his/her max."
Deanna Heald

"My therapist was very enthusiastic and had a positive influence on my improvement. The technicians were very courteous, helpful and friendly. The receptionist was very courteous and professional when it was necessary to
reschedule my appointments. Excellent service, very clean facility, friendly, helpful, responsible and courteous staff. I felt at home."
Maria C. Rodriguez

"I have been to a chiropractic clinic before, but Humpal was much more effective. The therapist was able to show me an exercise to eliminate my spasms. The pool program was a very pleasant experience. My children are going to miss going to the child care center. The receptionist had a very professional extremely positive personality and was very helpful in coordinating my appointments. I rate Humpal beyond Excellent. I have never been to a facility that has so many people that take so much pride in what they are doing to help the patients. It’s great to know that a place like this exists to be able to get relief from pain."
Alfred I. Cordona

"My therapist was very considerate, knowledgeable, empathetic and caring. I rate Humpal excellent. Overall, everyone was very kind and supportive. It made my recovery time a less stressful time which I believe is very
Belinda Estrada

"I have been to Gudron Morgan and Shea P.T. and Humpal is better. All of the physical therapists are terrific. They are very professional. The pool program is super. The staff is very nice. They make you feel at home and they strive their utmost to help you feel better. I don’t think any improvement is needed and I rate your staff the best. My thanks to them. They are an asset to your facility."
Domingo Lucio

"I really enjoy coming here. The staff is very helpful and nice. They always have a smile on their face and seem to enjoy their job, which makes patients enjoy coming here. "
Heather Flores

"I was impressed overall with Humpal Physical Therapy – It was always clean, the staff was always nice, and the treatment was effective. I would definitely recommend Humpal to friends and family. "
Donny Kasiri

"Humpal Physical Therapy way exceeded my expectations – especially compared to previous experiences at other places! "
Justine C. Wilbanks

"Humpal Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously. I’ve never been to a physical therapy clinic that has such an abundance of people who are so educated and so caring and make you feel so welcome. I will always recommend Humpal to everyone. "
Jean Pickett

"I’ve been a Quality Analyst for a year in a call center where I constantly looked at courtesy, tone, empathy, and other factors, so I know quality customer service when I see it, and your staff is excellent. I wish everyone I monitored had the skills your staff has. "
Christy Beanland

"As I performed my gym exercises all of the technicians would greet incoming patients by name. That is very impressive to me. I feel customer service, as a whole in the city of Corpus is poor; however, the techs and staff of Humpal Physical Therapy have very good customer service skills. "
Antonio Arenas

"I have been to other physical therapy centers and Humpal Physical Therapy far exceeds them. I will only come here from now on. When I am in pain, I need the knowledge and support of the Humpal Physical Therapy Center. I saw improvement much faster here. The kindness of the staff is a nice bonus! "
Susan Slavik

"Humpal Physical Therapy helped improve my back injury – I felt really comfortable and the staff was very knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend their services to all. I even noticed their care and concern for other patients that were well worse off than me. Very professional! "
Robert Collins

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